About MSS Capital

MSS was established in 2001 and has operated as an investment manager continuously since that date. The company combines a multi-disciplinary team of investment professionals with over 200 years cumulative experience drawn from a diverse background of real estate, investment management and banking.

MSS clients include banks, insurance companies, asset managers, single and multi-family offices.

MSS is a full-scope AIFM under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive 2011. MSS is authorised and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Our Track Approach


MSS has an established investment philosophy which holistically enshrines return generation, governance, transparency, risk management and fiduciary responsibility.

Since 2001 MSS has used a proven investment process for assets that integrates the three core activities of allocation, selection and active management. MSS then applies them rigorously to all investment opportunities.

Top-down research is combined with bottom-up analysis to fully integrate characteristic asset returns with additional sources of performance stemming from superior asset selection and the active management of those assets during their holding period.

MSS further enriches the investment process with enhanced governance, transparency, risk management and fiduciary accountability.



Combining micro and macro factors in determining appropriate asset allocation to maximise the probability of reaching the target returns.


Active risk management and governance in portfolio allocation to enhance buy/hold/sell decision making.


 Optimisation of service providers, operational infrastructure and risk management together with appropriate asset life-cycle management


Our Products and Services

MSS offers investment management and advisory services focused on Real Assets and Private Assets. MSS has established service offerings in:

  • Real Estate: residential property, commercial property and forestry
  • Real Estate: property investment and property development
  • Private Asset management

MSS products and services are available as funds, managed accounts, JV’s as well as consulting and structuring services.