Our Story

Established in 2001 we are a leading and independent Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) with over 20 years of successful operating experience managing real asset portfolios on behalf of our HNW clients, family offices and institutional investors. Today, we advise over £300m in real assets with a primary focus on residential real estate in the United Kingdom.

The MSS Millennial Property Rental Fund is a unique proposition for professional investors to gain exposure to a resilient Private Rental Sector investment strategy. The Fund offers investors compelling risk-adjusted yields over the long term whilst delivering the ongoing stewardship of high-quality and professionally-managed homes.

For 20 years the MSS Capital team has successfully managed real asset portfolios on behalf of our HNW clients, family offices and institutional investors. Today, we structure, source and manage a portfolio of high quality residential properties for our professional investors.

Our Aim

Our ambition is to establish the MSS Millennials Property Rental Fund as a permanent capital vehicle for our institutional investors, and to become one of the pre-eminent residential property funds in the UK.

Our Approach

Investment Decision Process

MSS Capital has a fully integrated portfolio management and risk control investment process which has been developed over the past 20 years of successful operations.

A sophisticated data and tech driven approach drives asset allocation, asset selection and active management decisions whilst fully embedding active risk management and core ESG values - all of this to inform every Buy, Hold or Sell decision and thus generate risk-adjusted returns for investors.

Property Management

The MSS Group and subsidiaries have been structuring and managing institutional property investment vehicles since 2001. Each of the investment vehicles to date have consistently performed strongly, and achieved their stated targeted return, yield target and volatility targets.

Our team’s extensive expertise in residential real estate fund management has helped deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns for over 20 years. Our institutional investors entrust us to deliver sustainable, stabilised income streams built on a solid foundation of capital preservation.


MSS is able to utilise its proprietary Regeo machine learning technology platform to access an array of datasets to source, appraise and acquire residential property assets at scale.

Our innovative infrastructure therefore offers institutional investors access to single and multi-unit residential real estate as an exciting, income generative asset class.